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NewsGator’s complete RSS platform

The top RSS readers for Windows and Mac were both single developer efforts until recently. NewsGator acquired FeedDemon, the client I use on Windows, a few months ago and as of today they now own NetNewsWire for Max OSX. In contrast to my initial skepticism when Bradbury Software sold FeedDemon this news has me excited.

Why is this good? For one, both developers are on board at the same company — two of the best aggregation developers under one roof. Second, the plan is to allow synchronization of RSS feeds between Mac, Windows, and existing NewsGator clients for Outlook and the web. I can read my feeds no matter where I am and not have to figure out what I’ve already seen elsewhere.

I donít like using pure web based aggregation services like Bloglines; itís just not as smooth compared to a desktop application. Once NewsGator integrates the synchronization of all their clients Iíll be able to swap between the best possible programs on my Mac laptop or Windows desktop. Plus I can always use the web client when Iím someplace like my parents house. This sure beats my current solution: logging on to my desktop via VNC just to use FeedDemon.

One downside is that the problem is solved in a proprietary way. It would have been nice to see an open standard developed where any client could update a synchronization file on my own web server. That might come some day and when it does I hope that NewsGatorís clients support it. For now Iím just happy that seamless RSS syncing is in the near future.

Update: NewsGator has just partnered with FeedBurner as well.



I’ve been happy with FeedOnFeeds [] for the past six months or so. There are some bugs and I’m pretty sure the project is dead since it hasn’t been updated in almost a year.. but I like it more than Bloglines, NetNewsWire or any client I’ve tried. I’m not home very often, and it’s nice to be able to check out my feeds at school.

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