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I have made the Flash based photo viewer that I use on this website available for download. This is a self contained SWF file that will read in photos from a directory on your web server and display them automatically.



Tonight I saw monoglot for probably the last time. I ran the projector, which got totally messed up during during the show. I had to completely rewind it and re-thread it.

The movie was about a boy who sees that the leaves in the tree are losing their color and falling, and gets sad about it. So he takes the leaves and colors them with markers and tapes them back on the trees. That night it rains and he sees the rain wreck his creation, and he cries. I think the movie is about how you can’t stop change — you can try, but it will happen anyway. I’m probably over-analyzing that.

Done today: a template for Study Abroad. It’s not too much to look at, but it works. I just hope they don’t screw it up too much when they impliment it. I had swore that I wouldn’t make them one for free now that school is done, but as you can see…

At work right now I am attempting to convert a program from one language that I don’t know to another language that I don’t know. Seems like sort of silly thing to do, but I’ll learn. It looks like I’m going to be doing some Flash work soon, so that’s good.

I got a link on K10K the other day for TCUP. It was nice to get 2000 unique visitors in two days, but the content of designers dreams are much less interesting than the content of webloggers dreams. Makes sense I guess. Anyway, now I want to change lots of stuff with TCUP. It’s time to add sound, change the way keywords work, and add some random fun tricks.

Tomorrow is my Grandpa’s birthday. He’s 71. He used to be amish. He is Omar Hochstetler. I call him Bo.



two current new stories showing crazy christian actions:

Journalists or terrorists?

Christian guerillas

more to come i’m sure. it seems that christianity is getting more and more desperate.

in other news, you can now create your own cereal online.



I’ve got photos of the BBQ up now, check ‘em out.

The News 3 footage that was broadcast about the Moped BBQ 4 is now picked up by CBS, which means that it’s being broadcast throughout the USA. That’s neat.

My month of being jobless is coming to an end. I pretty glad to be going back to work actually. I find that I actually get more personal work done when I have a job than when I don’t. It’s not even the personal work on the job (which I often do), it’s the structure. It gives me a routine that I can then plan other activity around — which is strangely motivating.

Current projects:
  • Blues Fest website
  • Web based Design Center job tracking program
  • Redesign
  • Redesign
  • Package photo viewer into distributable form
  • Design interactive portfolio
  • Redesign
  • Get my Indian moped running



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