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In Flight Social Networking

Virgin American has announced they plans to have in-flight broadband from take off to landing, with either your existing device or their seat-back computers they call Red. The story mentions that they also plan to create a social network centered around connecting with others while traveling:
But even more interesting — through “Red,” VA will also be offering what amounts to a fleet-wide, airborne social network. Guests on one plane will be able to interact with other guests on that plane — and with flyers on other planes within the VA fleet — using Red.
There aren’t a lot of details right now and I’m curious if the social network is accessible when off the plane or from outside the Red system. I could imagine it helping you plan flights or choose seats based on if you’re friends are flying that day, or track layovers you have in common. Features like that would probably be built as a walled garden for VA flyer’s but it would be great if they were integrated with a service like Dopplr (still in private beta) instead.



As far as who can tell?

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