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Back from hiatus, enjoying the summer

In the last two months I finished my first year of grad school, started an internship at Intel Research, attended Moped Army BBQ 12, and otherwise have been relaxing and enjoying myself. I think this summer in Pittsburgh is going to be good.

Two nights ago I went out and and rode with the other moped kids in PGH for the first time. There are four of them right now and they’re looking to start a Moped Army branch named switcHANDsignal. I knew some of them from times when I had seen their mopeds and I met the others at BBQ 12 last weekend. It really great how moped groups are starting up everywhere and that an infrastructure of websites and shops is in place to support them. A group can get into mopeds and a year later be where it took the Decepticons 4 years to get. All these small groups remind me of the early days; I love that we can ride 150 deep at a rally but sometimes I miss the intimacy of how it used to be.

Ivo and Melissa are flying in from Chicago to visit this weekend. I can’t wait to see them.

Oh, and check out Meredith’s awesome new tattoo:

Meredith's Tattoo



It was so nice seeing you and Meredith during BBQ weekend. I can’t wait to visit you guys some time this summer. Congrats on being half way done with grad school!

Posted by: emily on June 13, 2006 9:55 AM

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