As Far As I Can Tell

This is not about image. This is not about fashion. This is not about money. This is not a popularity contest. This is about sex, drugs, and heavy ass rock and fuckin’ roll that will blow your mind with its honest passion, creativity and soul. This is heavy rock re-evolution that starts where rock was before glam metal, post grunge wannabes and rap metal fucked everything up. Punk, grunge, doom and sludge kept the fire burning in the dark years and now combine with a fuzzed out 70’s psychedelic groove to create a new and intense rock ‘n’ roll vibe!”

All the banner ads on that site are for products that help you cheat drug tests.

I’ve been trying to have normal conversations with people that I’m interacting with on a service or professional level lately - and failing miserably. It seems that if you try to talk to someone, particularly over the phone, about anything that deviates from the task of their normal job they freak out. I would think they’d welcome this small break from the monotony of their lives to theorize about something un-work related, but no. It seems that they’d rather coldly state that what I’m talking about is “not their responsibility”.

The deadline for entries into the 5K contest is in 9 days. I was really hoping to have something to submit this year - I should of started working on it sooner. If I do something it ‘s going to tie in with Ivo’s upcoming “pink” project.



I have to have TCUP done in about two weeks. I’m going to have to really start cracking on this. I’m starting to think about dreams all the time, and how they might explain things. In my dreams I always see people that don’t exist in my life anymore, intermixed with those that do.

Spaceman Spiff looks out of his mangled craft to survey the surface of the glowing, mountainous planet his plane has just crashed onto. Peering through his x-ray goggles he can only see a small portion of the monster that looms in front of him - clearly a giant girlo-grossopautamous from the planet of yuk! Setting this taser on destroy he takes aim at the ankle of the beast before him and fires! — but she is too powerful for his wimpy earth weapon to have any effect. Attempting to run he is swallowed by her giant spaceman catching net and taken prisoner. Oddly, our hero doesn’t seem to mind at all.



i am cold, but happy. my moped is alive.

tonight we were 4 strong, swarming the streets just like last summer. once again, we own the streets.



today i saw dancer in the dark. tomorrow i go to see the winners of the ann arbor film festival. it’s good film weekend.

this week i got a sandisk imagemate compact flash reader. this means that it’s much easier for me to get photos off my digital camera quick. the good news is that i’ll hopefully be updating the photo viewer on this page alot more.

jason nickol just called with a deal where if i left and picked them up right away i could get two ergonomic office chairs for free. of course i did. they’re pretty nice too. also, tonight i found $20 in the ATM — it’s free stuff night.



i am surrounded by technical problems. after spending about 5 hours on it today alone i have given up getting a flash piece that i did to run correctly when this other director project that has to be open is running. this is for the interactive kiosk in my bfa show reception tomorrow. is anyone really going to care that it runs slow?

my server at pair got upgraded today. i’ve been checking the maintence page for when this would happen every day for two months now. i’m now running freeBSD 4 instead of 2, with PHP as a server module. translation: faster.

there is a new branch of the moped army that is going up this week sometime. they’re called the mopagens and are from new jersey. i’m excited about these kids because they were really quick with getting me photos and seem enthusastic. it’s so hard to find enthusiasm in people anymore. it’s hard to respect people without enthusiasm for something.

remember in gleaming the cube when christian slater loses his enthusism for skateboarding (or so everyone thinks), and then comes back hardcore to skate under semis and smash the bad guys? what a great movie. something strange is that the DVD version has cheat codes.



valid reasons for doing something:

  • you love it
  • it pays the bills

if you’re doing something that doesn’t fit into one of these categories then you’re probably either a student or you’re stupid. the trick is to make the transition out of student without going straight into stupid.

there are things that i have created as theoretical solutions to theoretical problems that i don’t ever plan on being in a situation where i create a actual solution to an actual similar problem. i can’t quite decide if this is a waste of my time or not.

my bfa graphic design show is now hung, after spending every waking hour this week on it – and having too many waking hours to work with. i’m happy with the projects that i have done, but overall i’m less excited then i should be. it’s the same frame and pedestal style show as it always is.

three years ago i thought that i would make my show remarkably different from what everyone else did. either this just isn’t possible, or i didn’t try hard enough. i feel a sellout.

i hope you come to my show this friday though. i’m proud of what i have in it. but i have to disclaimer something: this is only a small part of what i do and what i’m interested in. it doesn’t define me, it defines the program i’m in. i am alot more.



it’s 6:30 in the morning and i’ve been up all night working on a project that i just ruined. don’t used x-acto knives if you’ve been up too long, you will regret it. even if you’re wide awake, don’t score both sides of a 3 piece paper sandwich, it will leave you angry.

three more days of this madness. i need one of those countdown clocks.



i’m in the design center right now, and have been for the last 10 hours. i’ve been pulling 18 hour days lately getting ready for my BFA show, which has to go up this friday. i’m happy with the work that i have to put in the show, though it’s not the sort of thing i hope to be doing when i get out of school. only one interactive piece, and alot of products. i don’t want to make packaging for products, it makes me feel really weird and corporate. i wish this show was going to be more like the new citizen show.

i’m supposed to do another show for TCUP before the end of the year. that’ll be more in my control. i need to find about 20 mattresses or sleeping bags. if you have any tips, email me.

spring is coming. things are good, and still getting better…



i just traded a moped for a van. this van is going to be exactly what the moped army needs. it’s crazy huge and is going to be tricked out with custom moped army detailing very soon. it’s going to be able to easily hold 6 mopeds and their riders. if there were no people it could probably hold about 15 packed in mopeds.

i’m really excited. check out the photos.



yesterday’s moped store purchase went great. i now have a smelly room full of moped parts. i have photos if you want to see. also, i may be trading a moped for a huge van - straight up. big props to insomniac dan for hooking up that deal.



i just saw Death Race 2000 for the first time. wow. this movie combines no rules death racing with a antiquated look at the future. basically, it reminds me of the Moped BBQ.

tomorrow the moped army is going to buy all the old stock of Vornkamp Bike for $300. There aren’t whole mopeds in there, but there are plenty of parts and all the associated storage containers that go with them. I think it’ll be worth it. If nothing else this summer we’ll be able to get some mopeds fixed a lot quicker since we won’t have to be ordering parts all the time.

i was really excited today about getting the flyers/posters for my senior bfa design show back from the printers. within an hour i had fucked up about 30 of them though. it seems that the ink wasn’t dry enough and so when i wrote the addresses on them the pressure transfers some maroon ink into a yellow area on the poster side. oh well.



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