As Far As I Can Tell

Teenagers today are computer savvy and they love to communicate with their friends! Honor Books, publisher of the best-selling youth book, WWJD: Stories for Teenagers, is pleased to present this new devotional book that will help teens draw closer to God and experience His love! E-mail from God for Teens will “alert” teenagers that they have “mail” from the Best Friend anyone in the world could ever have: God, the Creator of the Universe. These “on-screen,” one-page per day, “e-mails from God” target the real spiritual and life issues teenagers today are faced with. Teens will learn just how much God really loves them. email from God for teens

I saw that book in the grocery store Saturday morning at 3:00 am. Every page is laid out like an email message with the subject line being a scripture verse. Super neat.

I wonder when my refusal to make concrete plans about my future will start causing problems. Hopefully not for a while. I graduate from college in 6 days. Anxiety keeps punching me in the face and making me shove it back down into my belly. Stay put you.

Now that the celebration of Christ’s re-animation is over we can get down to real business - counting the days until the Moped Army BBQ 4. I need to get some propaganda going for this thing.

You might be interested to know that My Own Pine Box is finally releasing a CD. Super limited, so if you want one, I’d get one quick.

sleeping lightly, waking up grasping in the cold. you’re stealing cycles from each of my thoughts. a mental record, not skipping…just playing over and over. enjoying the luxury of not having to wait on the radio to hear it again.



It seems that Cooter from the Dukes of Hazard is re-living his past by getting together members of the original show, dressing them up in their old cloths, and hanging out on the old set. All this and tons of awesome photos at Cooters Place. I really like this photograph. See also Gary’s Dukes of Hazzard Page, Millennium Edition.

I ordered some VarioPac CD Cases today from Design Object. It’s the slickest design for a cd case that I’ve seen yet. The cd slides in and is ejected through a built in lever. This puts less strain on the cd then prying it out of the case, takes up less space, and of course looks neat. I’m going to use them to burn my portfolio onto. Variation: with booklet.

As a species, we have lovingly embraced computers as if we had been waiting for thousands of years for their arrival. In fact, I believe that we have, and that during that time we have created a set of expectations that are currently determining how we use and abuse information and communications technology. In these lectures, I want to look at those expectations and try to discover how they were formed, find examples of creative work that this love affair with computers has spawned and explore the social and cultural implications of these findings for the future.the joseph beuys lectures

There has been an influx of about 15 mopeds in Kalamazoo this week. I knew as soon as it started getting warm that this would happen. I love it.



As far as who can tell?

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