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I needed some Gocco ink to print t–shirts with, so I called up Wheatons and asked them if they had any cloth ink. The guy says “No”—very quickly. I clarify, “Do you don’t have any at all?”, again, “No”.

Being a skeptic I drove over there right away and bought all they had, which was at 50% discount too. I hate Wheatons.

TIME magazine on “Emo”. What the hell is going on here?

via ovidovi, and from talking to my brother.

The Janus crew is rolling into town tomorrow, that should be fun. Let the moped weekend begin.

The lake is stocked.
These odds are stacked.
Fish have eyes on their sides.
And Janus has his heads.
—joan of arc



old, old, OLD post, but I found myself wishing Wheatons sold Gocco ink today—in 2007. They say they can’t get it, but it’s still available. Are you still gocco’ing?

Posted by: Erin on August 27, 2007 3:57 PM

It’s been a busy week; not that you’ve heard about it through this quite weblog though. Here’s a recap of things I did

• Helped Eric get his Motobecane working

• Printed and sent out invitations for the Moped BBQ

• Fixed the pedals on my moped so I can pedal start it again

• Went to Stunt Weasel’s last show ever at The Space

• Saw The Honor System, Keleton DMD and Small Brown Bike play at The Space

• Got Meredith’s Kreidler working at yesterday’s pre–BBQ repair day

Be sure to check out Eric’s new Moped Army profile. It has the story of his moped on it.

This is the final week before the BBQ, and I still have lots to get done. I want to make special Moped BBQ 6 T–shirts that will be for sale during the day. Sometime today I need to write up a press release to send out to the local TV stations too.

This weekend there will be two out of town branches coming into Kalamazoo: Janus and The Bombardment Society. The awesome thing is that since Dan and Caleb moved out of Moped Manor, but are still paying rent for another month, we have an entire empty apartment for people to stay in.

Here are some photos from the last week. The first one is a bunch of invitations, after that are all from the last Stunt Weasel show.

Gocco Invitations for the Moped BBQ 6 Gocco Invitations for the Moped BBQ 6

Meredith Meredith

Simon Me

Josh Josh

Frank, with the scum bag Frank, with the scum bag



The Flash based navigation and sidebar that I did for Biggs Gilmore a couple of weeks ago is online now at The design isn’t mine, just the ActionScript programming.

Tonight I’m going to Detroit to see Bright Eyes and The Good Life at the Magic Stick. Both bands have new albums out that I hope to be able to buy at the show, and hear the new songs live. I’ll let you know how it was; I expect it to be good.



I’m not quite sure of the legality of it, but someone has posted scans of every page for Istvan Banyai’s book Zoom. If you haven’t seen this before, you should really check it out; it’s like Powers of 10 in a children’s book format.

I was going to go to Art Chicago today, but decided against it. When I’ve gone before it’s been interesting, but I just didn’t have the motivation to drive all that way and back. The Art Chicago crowd is a little too high brow art gallery style for my tastes anyway.



I’ve just finished sending off a long description on how certain aspects of TCUP (dream loading and 3D keyword rotation) work. If for some reason you’re interested in the explanation, you can download a zip file containing the Word document. Warning: I can’t guarantee that you’ll find it interesting.

TCUP, showing full grid structure

TCUP, showing full grid structure

New update on moving date: Now the 8th, instead of the 7th. We can start in the morning instead of the evening.



So the parts that I’ve been waiting on for over 3 weeks finally arrive today from Handy Bikes. Of course they’re missing the one piece that I need the most: the rear brake assembly for Meredith’s Kreidler. A quick phone call confirms that they don’t have one, leaving me even more dismayed about their service.

I’ve sent off a frantic email to a guy who had one on eBay a couple of weeks ago, which I didn’t bid on because I thought I was getting it from Handy Bikes. I really wish I could just go down to a local shop and buy the parts I need; ahh, mopeds.

Dan overturning a chess game

Dan overturning a chess game

Bill flailing at The Space

Bill flailing at The Space

It’s a lazy, rainy day in Kalamazoo. I think I’ll make some soup and read.



First post in May, last month in Kalamazoo.

Yesterday Meredith and I decided to move to Chicago on June 7th, instead of June 2nd. We’re going to Corey and Meghan’s wedding on the 1st, and we decided it’s just too crazy to try and move and setup and get back to Kalamazoo in one day. On the 7th we’ll have the whole weekend to do it.

I’m getting excited about moving, but I’m starting to take notice of all the little spots in Kalamazoo I want to savor and remember. Kalamazoo will always be special and highly thought of.

I got a call from Howard Ull of Handy Bikes USA today. He’s the new owner who bought the business out from Bob Smith half a year ago. He wanted to know if the Moped Army was interested in promoting Handy Bike’s sales and specials; basically, banner ads. This shows me that there really is interest in ads on the Moped Army website. I’m going to put together the informational ad packets to send out to moped shops sometime this week.

Last week we had a day where over 1.6GB of data was transferred off our account; our limit is 600MB. We definitely need to get something in place to make money, without hurting the site’s integrity of course.

Some things I’ve been working on recently:

Ceramics + Metalwork: Daniel Webber Robert Kastner

business cards for Dan

Moped Army BBQ 6, May 27th: Memorial Day, @ The Space, Kalamazoo, MI

posters for moped bbq 6



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