As Far As I Can Tell

the heat pushes people outside onto porches or roaming the streets on any vehicle that can move them fast enough to catch a breeze. it’s the heat that adds discomfort to moving, and everyone is moving.

once everyone gets unpacked we can start all over again. new places always bring new things. i have some plans for staying in touch too.



kalamazoo is forever changing. i guess it always was, but it’s more abrupt now. last week Utah! played their last show locally at the Blue Dolphin, which kicked off everyone really dwelling on leaving.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s you leaving or not, you’re going to miss people. The worst is when two people both move, and in opposite directions. It’s a good thing the world’s a alot smaller than is used to be.

Last night coming home from a movie Meredith spotted an improptu party in action on Dave Bell’s roof top. Turns out that there was a show at his house, spurred by a band that had come to see the cancelled Quintron show at Harvey’s. They were from San Diego and sounded pretty good. Kind of reminded me of if Arab on Radar with more structure. I guess that the guitar player lives above and works at the Casbah.

Dan comes home this week. He’s been gone a really long time…

Also note: the current photo (#22) being displayed is of the 4th Coast before the renovation that’s been going on this week. Never again can you see those smoke stained panels in real life.



i’m trying to be simple. i love simple things, but have a really hard time doing it for myself. i’m trying to learn to relax; i’ve never figured that out.

i’m really stressed out about deciding what to do at the end of this month. do i stay or do i go? classic.

at any given moment i feel equally as strong about either. currently i’m asking nick drake for answers, but he’s not helping much.

good news: meredith comes back from l.a. tomorrow.



As far as who can tell?

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