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spring break means different things to different people. for me it means more time to do more work. in two weeks this will all be over. today i scanned vegetables, so much better then photographing them.

i love the men that work at the post office downtown. they’re always really nice to me and explain postal regulations in a way that doesn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing them. i picked out stamps today, opting for the older 33 cent + 1 cent rather than the new 34 cent ones. when the price first changes over there are never any good stamps. just flowers and flags and the word “love”.

tomorrow i see death cab for cutie.



the sea is salt. water creatures that live in lakes never get to visit other water creatures that live in the ocean. i’m glad that air breathing creatures like me get to visit any other air breathing creature.

spring is coming. she’s going to wipe away all the filth from our glasses that we’ve started to take for granted. sometimes when a dirty film builds up slowly we start to accept it and get too lazy to clean it ourselves. sometimes we need someone else to notice and wipe it off for us.

on friday i discovered Acronym Finder. great fun.



I want to make a movie where I mount two identical video cameras to some sort of harness that attaches to my shoulders. The cameras will point out at an angle, viewing whatever would be directly outside of my field of vision. I would show the movie on two monitors, and you would see me approach people, but then as I got close enough to talk to them they would go out of the frame and you would just have to listen to the conversation. It would be about noticing things around you that you normally overlook. Also, I’d like to make it so that you only heard the audio of the other person’s side of the conversation. The viewer, the first person perspective of the movie, should feel as if they are lacking some of their proper senses. — My biggest trouble is going to be finding two of the same video cameras. I want identical quality in each monitor.

I’m currently listening to Damien Jurado alot. Highly recommended for your winter evening enjoyment.



i know this is an old entry, but quite an interesting idea. we have tons of identical cameras where i teach….

Posted by: jim withington on February 22, 2003 11:21 AM

The snow is melting in my front yard and revealing things. So far the plastic top of a wine bottle and half of a plastic wine goblet. These must be from my neighbors, which leads me to believe they are many months old. I like the idea that the snow is hiding things until the season is over. That really reminds me of the Hayden song Skates.

I ordered a couple of books from Amazon this week. The last couple of times I’ve ordered I’ve gotten a gift certificate for $10 at, which makes sense, since they are partner companies. But this time they sent me a sheet of 10 one-cent stamps instead. This is great. It’s worth 100 times less then the other free gift but I love it. This saves me a trip to the post office now that all my old stamps fall short of the new rate. It’s so sneaky - I don’t want to be so enthusiastic about this marketing campaign designed to suck me in.



this weblog is now alive. hello.



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