As Far As I Can Tell

Joan of Arc was an amazing woman. She lived and died for what she believed in.

We, at Joan of Arc, like to think that we’re amazing too! We believe our beans are the best — and they are! Joan of Arc is America’s #1 brand of kidney bean!!!

Today was Moped BBQ 4. It went really well, with 30 racing, and at least 50 mopeds there. Janus is here right now, Blue Shirt Holiday left a few hours ago. Expect photos in the next couple of days.



Two mopeds were stolen today from the Deceptiplex. Someone that I know from Sturgis happened to find one of them ditched near his house and recognized the stickers on it, otherwise we probably wouldn’t even of known. There are really too many mopeds in one place over there. It’s almost thief season, schools are out in a week.

So we got one of them back, but after 5 hours of searching the rain forced us to stop our search for the other one unfulfilled and empty handed.

I got an email the other day from a writer for the New York Times inquiring about TCUP. She said that she’s doing a story about dreams on the internet and wanted more information. She hasn’t gotten back to me yet, but it’d be awesome to have a write-up in the Times.

I saw With a Friend Like Harry last night in Ann Arbor. It’s a French film about an everyday sort of family where the father stumbles into an old classmate in a bathroom who remembers him, a little too well. The father doesn’t really recall this “old friend”, but this guy is reciting poems that he had written and forgotten about years ago for the high school newspaper. Things get creepy and then people start dying.

It’s good to have a thriller break from the over produced special effects laden norm and be more physiological. Very Hitchcock.



now online and in hi-res: The Women of Western 2001 Calander. Didn’t I have some classes with these girls? Maybe over at HCOB?

This is an incredibly bad idea from an incredibly bad radio station.



since graduating i’ve been taking a break from most everything; including updating this. I’m back though.

summer fests: more than music, krazy fest.

photos of ghosts: Ghosts and Apparitions, Ghost Investigators Society, Ghost Study.

i just ordered myself two joan of arc related cd’s from insound. they released a few songs that they recorded during The Gap sessions, and Tim Kinsellas hasa release of his own through Troubleman Unlimited.

I tried my hand at the Print Gocco today, but without very good results. It seems that I have to buy special Gocco ink, instead of using any old screen printing ink. Since the machine only came with ink for paper, I’ll have to find a dealer who can sell me some of the fabric style. When I used the fabric ink I have it was just too thick and the design had no detail. Also, I need to do a simpler design, the photo I was using turned out way to dark and muddy. Great machine though — I’ll be able to make alot of prints in a small amount of time once I get it mastered.

those kids at subpop are teasing me with their singles club again. this time with the new bright eyes release. only for subscribers, limited to 1300. i’m going to have to pay through the nose for this on ebay. on the upside, I was able to get the new UK only single (Drunk Kid Catholic) for cheap when I saw them play with Arab Strap in London last week.



Hiding places let you choose your viewers

And lilac light might as well be the moon

It’s always later than my body lies to me

Your smile keeps eating my words


tomorrow i go to london. friday i go to paris. photos 14 (limo) and 15 (ivo) are from my trip to new york last week. i’m crazy jet set for some reason.



As far as who can tell?

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