As Far As I Can Tell

It’s Cider Season

Meredith’s sister Jen is in town from California and got married in her parent’s front yard this last weekend. The ceremony was fall-o-rific and the Lonesome Moonlight Trio were there playing old-time bluegrass all day long. Lots of Adams and Smarts were there from Illinois and a giant game of bachi ball was played.

Jen and Scott getting married under a tree

Meredith stretching

The Lonesome Moonlight Trio playing bluegrass in the yard

My Mac is now up and running, along with my KVM switch which lets me swap over to it with a double-press of the Scroll Lock key. It’s probably the first useful thing I’ve ever done with that key. The switch doesn’t support the extra two buttons on the sides of my mouse, so I’m running a separate mouse for the Mac. I’m able to use the same keyboard though, and thanks to Double Command I’ve re-mapped the Ctrl and Alt keys to work like I expect them to. I haven’t played with the Mac that much, but it’s up on my network and I’m able to share files with my Windows machine. I’ve spent most of my time in the terminal window seeing what UNIX utilities are built it. So far I’m impressed.



As far as who can tell?

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