Hi. I’m Simon King, and this is my personal weblog. I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my wife Molly and our small dog Emoji.

“this weblog is now alive. hello.” — February 21, 2001

Wow. Apparently I’ve been writing at this domain for over 20 years, albeit with large gaps of silence. Some years I didn’t feel like writing in public, or didn’t have the time. More recently I joined various social platforms and posted there instead. It feels good to be home.

I rebooted the blog in March 2021, with a shiny new WordPress update and a squeaky clean database. I’m a digital preservationist at heart, so the archives are still available, split into two chunks that (mostly) preserve their original design: 2001–2008 and 2010–2014.

Anyway, welcome! Please say hello using any of the links in the footer.