This weblog is now alive. Hello.

That was the text of my first post to this blog, nearly 9 years ago. I had a lot of fun with this space in the early days, but sometime around 2007 I started sharing my thoughts here less and in the last couple of years I only managed to publish a single post. I moved on to micro-updates, status notices, collections of disparate tags and bookmarks. It turns out that auto-aggregated “activity” doesn’t do a great job of sharing your experiences, your thoughts, or yourself with others. You’ll need more than 140 characters to get to know me.

So, I’m back. I’ve cleaned the place up a bit, accepted that it’s okay to just build on top of a template instead of reinventing the wheel, and wiped out the archives. Actually, they’re still around if you Google for them or had them bookmarked, but that’s due more to a strange sense of commitment to URL posterity than a desire to have them read.

I won’t be writing about a singular topic, just things that happen to interest me. If you know me, or are like me, then they may interest you too. Hopefully I can keep this thing breathing.