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Valentines Day

Five years ago today Meredith sent me an email, only the sixth one at the time, and oh so casually noted that it was Valentines Day… “so happy that.” Needing to respond in a manner befitting the ambiguity of a high-five I asked her if she realized that Saint Valentine was the patron saint of bee keepers as well as love. She hadn’t, but she did ask me out on our first date.

Happy Valentines Day in Morocco Mer.
Happy Valentines Day to everyone else too.
Thanks to Josh Franta for the awesome Law and Order card.

As I perused old e-mails tonight I was reminded of how great Meredith’s subject lines are. Here are some from back in 2001; how could I not be won over?

Email subject lines:

  • better than jumpsuits
  • underground cougar fighting
  • gleaming the tiger cube
  • no, that rumbling is normal.
  • but where is his mullet?
  • an ocean of cats
  • use more velcro
  • the college mascot is a bong
  • hippies are to antioch what cats are to sturgis
  • too lazy for nachos
  • beans over and open fire in a shanty town
  • i want a helper monkey
  • i’m shvitzing, oy vei
  • i’m just going to buy a horse
  • donkeys are the future
  • because midget wrestling is always funny
  • clogging at the reception
  • i’m made of ribs!
  • ahh la cyclomoteur pression
  • my immune system is napping



Happy Valentine’s Day Simon. With all my love from a cyber cafe in Fez, Morocco. I am truly rockin’ the Rocco right now but thinking of you always, so happy that.

Posted by: meredith on February 16, 2006 3:35 PM

they all read like excellent spam that was never caught.

Posted by: george on February 20, 2006 7:58 PM

As far as who can tell?

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