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Finally some shows

Yesterday I saw Richard Buckner play at Club Cafe, my first time hearing him or being there. The place is set up for sit down shows where you can order food and drinks delivered to your table or cushy booth. I arrived at the same time R. Buckner did, just as the opening act was finishing. For a while I was the only person standing but eventually squeezed myself in-between two booths. He played without stopping, seamlessly transitioning between songs with instrumental bits. It created a hypnotic effect where three or four songs would go by without me realizing. In a way I liked it, but it also made me lose focus and my thoughts wandered off without applause to bring me back into the room.

This is actually a good month for shows in Pittsburgh. Yesterday was the first one I’ve been to since I moved but still to come are Telefon Tel Aviv, Prefuse 73, The Fiery Furnaces, and The Books.

On Thursday night Dan stopped in for dinner on his way to Richmond, VA to buy a share of a defunct moped shop. We only hung out for maybe 3 hours which was short but good; it kind of made it seem like he lived here. If anybody else is heading east Pittsburgh makes a nice pit stop.



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