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I’m at work. I’m waiting to hear back from a client if some banner ads I did are approved or need changes; either way, it has to be done tonight. I’m tired and hungry, but I’m still here. At least I found out that they still have juice in the fridge. I had been looking in the wrong fridge all this time. Just when I start to complain I remember that there’s all the free juice, coffee, and ice cream I could want.

Last night I discovered the that Mac I bought on eBay isn’t exactly what it was advertised as. The auction says it has an AGP graphic card in it, implying that it has an AGP bus. This was important to me since it meant that it was the Sawtooth model and not the Yikes! model. I was fooled into thinking it was an AGP slot even after looking at it since it’s a different size than the others. It’s a special 66Mhz PCI slot meant for video cards…but that’s not an AGP slot. This means that Quartz Extreme doesn’t work on my Mac. This also means I got ripped off.

I’m emailing the guy to see if I can get a refund, return, or something. Who knows how responsive he’ll be. It was over 2 months ago that the auction ended.

I’ve just deleted a paragraph of text. It won’t appear on my weblog because I won’t treat this site like a personal diary. Unfortunately that means most of what’s written here is superficial bullshit. Just so you know what to expect.



what’s wrong wih personal diaries? i love your personal stuff on here-you’ve got talent, boy. it’s not like it is beneath you to write personal things.

Posted by: jim on October 27, 2003 8:29 PM

i wonder constantly if my “personal” webjournal isn’t a little much at times… but, that’s what mine is for, i guess. …at least i haven’t attracted any would be stalkers/providers of unwanted support like my wife has. also, i’m pretty glad that those i verbally bitchslap from time to time haven’t either read it, or can show restraint in the real world. simon, i think your weblog has just the right amount of personal touch… i wouldn’t let some guy posting an assanine remark in the general forum on the MA site keep you from posting here… if that’s what brought about the aforementioned paragraph deletion from your weblog.

Posted by: e_prime on October 28, 2003 12:56 PM

oh! also, sorry to hear about your mac problem. i, on the other hand, am planning on building a pc within the next couple months… and there’s a powermac that i might be able to snag from bronson. allison is not going to be happy.

Posted by: e_prime on October 28, 2003 12:57 PM

Look at you; you’ve gone computer crazy. Jim and Eric, maybe I was unclear. It’s not that something is keeping me from posting more personal items on my weblog, it’s that I can’t bring myself to and don’t really want to. I was just feeling particularly shitty and bitter when I wrote this post.

Posted by: simon on October 28, 2003 6:03 PM

obviously, you’ve never read my weblog… i have to be in a shitty bitter mood to make a post. yes, that’s right, a shitty bitter mood. *laughs*

Posted by: eric on October 28, 2003 7:06 PM

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