Wealth Insight

I’m excited to share that the Wealth Insight project I worked on with PNC has launched. As the blurb on the IDEO website says, it helps to provide “greater transparency for investors in their dealings with financial institutions, a desire that increased during the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession.”

One of the interesting parts of the process was the high-fidelity web-based prototype we made to iterate and evaluate the design. It had information visualizations driven by real data, which helped us test our assumptions and refine the details during our feedback sessions with investors. It was the first time I used Protovis instead of Flash for dynamic graphics, which had a bit of a learning curve but worked out well.

You can learn more about the project on the IDEO website or the PNC Wealth Insight microsite. I’m particularly happy to see that PNC has also created some “making of” videos, which talk about the human-centered design process. They even include a cameo by Hal Monson, the IDEO project lead. The videos won’t let me embed them here, so check out the links below.