Street Food

India has the most lively street food culture I’ve ever witnessed, though I’ve been too nervous to try any of it until I’m sure my stomach can handle it. On Saturday I went to a restaurant called Swati Snacks that is known for serving all the street food favorites in an sanitary manner. It was seriously good, so I’ll definitely be going back.

I had the Panki Chatni, which is a thin rice pancake served between banana leaves, and a Vada Pav, which is the most famous Mumbai street food, composed of a spiced potato patty served on a bun. The former was delicious and light, the latter was good but maybe a bit too much carb-on-carb (even for me!). I can see why it’s popular on the street in terms of calories per rupee.

Sorry for the poor photo quality, these were quick iPhone snaps.

Food here is also tricky, because there are so many restrictions within the various cultures that make up India. A great example of this is the image below: a drop-down menu to select your food preference on a Indian airline. I feel confident in saying that United could never handle this kind of complexity.