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Words on Paper 2010

It’s clear that 2010 was the year eBooks really took off with the popularity of the Kindle and iPad. I experimented with digital reading myself, taking in one book entirety on my iPhone, but ultimately I plan to read my long-form titles via good old ink on paper. I’m trying to make the time to read more, and feel good that every week I can make it through my favorite magazine, The New Yorker. On top of that I managed to read a little over one book a month this year, not terrible but I’d like to increase that in 2011.

There was a time when my stack of reading material was entirely non-fiction, perhaps because I was in more of a student mode. These days I feel like I’m learning considerably more about myself and the world through fiction and thus the mix below has evened out.

2010 books, in the order I read them:

Anathem — Neal Stephenson
A Gesture Life — Chang-rae Lee
Downtown Owl — Chuck Klosterman
The Future of the Internet, And How to Stop It — Jonathan Zittrain
Summer Blonde — Adrian Tomine
How We Are Hungry — Dave Eggers
Nowhere Man — Aleksandar Hemon
Sketching User Experiences — Bill Buxton
Understanding Privacy —Daniel J. Solove
Kafka on the Shore — Haruki Murakami
What He’s Poised to Do — Ben Greenman
The Island of the Colorblind — Oliver Sacks
Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work! — Douglas Coupland

Covers of the books I read in 2010

Not Home 2010

I travelled a lot in 2010, more than any previous year; mostly this was for work, but not entirely. This was a year in which being gone was a pretty welcome feeling, where I felt strange if I hadn’t been to the airport in a few weeks. It isn’t sustainable (for me or the earth), and at times it was downright grueling, but in some ways I think it helped me get through this one.

I slept in a different city for 94 nights this year, with July being the only month spent entirely in Chicago. Here’s my list for 2010:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Beijing, China
Boston, MA
Hornu, Belgium
Kalamazoo, MI (x2)
Los Angeles, CA (x2)
Madison, WI
Milwaukee, WI (x2)
New York, NY (x2)
Paris, France
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rouen, France
Sacramento, CA
San Francisco, CA (x3 including 6 week stint)
Savannah, GA
Seattle, WA
Sturgis, MI (x5)
Tokyo, Japan
Washington, D.C.
Waukesha, WI


I just learned about this Montreal-based band from the Post Family blog and thought I should pass it along. Enjoy.

Winter Again

“blue chicago moon swings like a blade above the midwest’s heart”
— Songs: Ohia

The arrival of snow and cold affirms for me that Chicago is my home. I love walking around the neighborhood this time of year, the quiet and the closeness of winter. I walk past all the same places I travelled by when they were bathed in summer light and warmth, now cold and dark and empty. There is a humanness to the seasons in Chicago. A place without cycles is a place without reality; there is nothing more honest and relatable than change you can not avoid and need to learn to live with. It will be summer again, and then winter again.

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