Travel 2012

One of my end-of-year rituals is tallying up how much I’ve travelled in the last year. I stayed in Chicago more this year than I have for a few, although I still spent 88 nights away from home. One of the major differences about this year was an increase in personal travel, separate from any work responsibilities. The bulk of this was an amazing road trip out west, which I still need to upload photos for.

In the list of cities below an asterisk means it was my first time there, and a count after the city shows how many times I was there this year. For the road trip I only counted places where I spent the night, but of course we passed through many more.

Last year was full of new places, people, and experiences; I hope that 2013 brings as many adventures my way.

Jacksonville, FL*
Charleston, SC*
San Francisco, CA (x4)
Palo Alto, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Sturgis, MI
London, England
Detroit, MI (x4)
Minneapolis, MN* (x2)
Kalamazoo, MI (x2)
Eaton Rapids, MI
Sturgis, MI (x5)
Princeton, NJ* (x2)
Columbus, OH
Boston, MA
Madison, WI
Chamberlain, SD*
Douglas, WY*
Boulder, CO*
Moab, UT*
Richfield, UT*
Tropic, UT*
Hurricane, UT*
Williams, AZ*
Tempe, AZ*
Tucson, AZ*
Albuquerque, NM*
Oklahoma City, OK*
St. Louis, MO*
Paw Paw, MI
Umeå, Sweden*
Harads, Sweden*
Archbold, OH
Waukesha, WI
Canton, MI*
New York, NY