Midwest is best

I’ve been in India for two months now. Long enough to feel fairly comfortable and normal here, but also a milestone for homesickness to creep in. I can rationalize away the everyday niceties and norms that I’m missing, those are easily traded for all of the new experiences, but it’s the changing of the seasons that’s gnawing at me. Not the end of monsoon here in Mumbai mind you, but from summer to autumn back in the mid-west. It’s my favorite season, and September is my favorite month. I’ve been away from home for two Septembers in a row (in San Francisco last year) so I’m making a vow not to travel in 9/2012.

No regrets, and it’s certainly not a chronic sickness, but if I could chose some medicine right now it would look a lot like apple cider, a cardigan, trees with tinges of color, fields of corn being harvested, bike rides with scarves, and maybe even a county fair. If there is any season that anchors me to a place and a home it’s this one. Midwest is best in the Fall.